Everyday use inside a kitchen

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il prototipo in cucina

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To understand the working system and the advantages using the NOWASTE home machine, we reproduced the daily manage for a meal preparation, including the inevitable waste production.

It’s possible, in fact, to put into the NOWASTE prototype machine, any type of alimentary waste, including peel potatoes and vegetables.

The NOWASTE machine it was designed and realized good to manage a lot of kitchen waste, including hard cheeses and chicken bones.

Waste that at the end of any meals, would be put into the NOWASTE machine, only adding some enzymes.

This waste management presents three immediate benefits: cut down the organic fraction of waste, and dilate the contribution until once on fifteen days, cutting down the transport costs.

The final target it’s to produce high quality compost in shortest times.


Our N.O.WA.S.T.E. anaerobic kitchen composter has obtained the patent in November 2013.