Regional Network

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The action intends to develop a communication network to provide sharing information and support for the N.O.WA.S.T.E. system adoption and implementation in other Sicilian municipalities.

Beneficiary responsible for implementation: Regione Siciliana - Dipartimento Regionale Ambiente

To assure the sustainability of N.O.WA.S.T.E. system after the end of the project and its results exploitation, the creation of a regional network will encourage and support the adoption and development of N.O.WA.S.T.E. system in other municipalities and contexts assuring the guidelines respect (i.e. giving them all useful information, assuring operative cooperation, etc.).

An opening gathering (Palermo) scheduled at months 33 will present the creation of the Regional Network and its goals. During the meeting project partners will collect expressions of interest, official protocols and adhesions of public authorities, local administrators and political leaders.